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4 MAIN MOODS (2 tracks under each mood): QUIET, QUEST, PURSUIT & ROMANTIC.

TIME LENGTHS: Each mood theme has 3 different lengths: 3-minute (3:00);  1-Minute-30 seconds (1:30)  and 30 second (0:30) version.

...for maximum versatility within a project (as inspiration, background or support for plots, stories, poems, art, dance, entrances, exits, fanfares, etc.)

 This Interactive Music Series is easy to use-in a variety of ways.  In Volume One we have include 4 main themes as background or as inspiration for plots, stories, poems, art, dances, etc. They are presented in order of generally increasing dramatic intensity and have been given  “generic” names to use as clues to their emotional content: QUIET, QUEST, PURSUIT and ROMANTIC.  These 4 themes roughly follow a basic plot development:  introduction, rising action, climax, resolution. 
MUSIC & EMOTIONAL CONTENT:  Each music theme can be use for any number of similar emotional situations.  For example, ‘PURSUIT’ indicates the intensity of the music-but it can be used to represent or be applied to any equally dramatic emotion required, such as: crisis, desperation, rage, grief, revenge, etc.   Similarly the QUIET theme can be used for happiness, peace, relaxation, spirituality, etc.  QUEST is also adventure, myth, exploration, mystery, anticipation, suspense, questioning, etc.  ROMANTIC can be used for dream, illusion, devotion, hope, joy, expectation, delight, etc.
TIME LENGTHS OF THEMES:  Each music theme is repeated in 3 different time lengths: a 3 minute version (3:00); a 1 minute 30 second version (1:30); and a 30 second version (0:30). These different lengths are meant to increase the versatility of the music applications. The same piece of music in a different length might suggest different characters or parts of an event or story or be used as backdrop for alternate areas of your project.  Sound effects are provided to enhance the plot (clocks, oceans, winds, trains, etc.) or as musical signatures for characters, repeated incidents, entrances or exits, etc. We have also added some short musical themes as inspiration or for added detail, such as: a Medieval song, Chinese theme, a Fanfare, Oriental theme and Space-Mystical theme.
Here are 2 examples in how to use the CD:
EXAMPLE 1: Drama exercise. .Let us suppose the plot begins in a country garden (use the ROMANTIC or QUIET theme for a background, music length will depend on your version, who must be introduced, what they are initially doing, etc.). The scene goes indoors and a heated discussion follows (add Pursuit as  background; perhaps the clock sound effect cuts in after a while).The situation calms down somewhat (the short QUEST music can be chosen for this).  There is a short, terrifying moment (the 0:30 PURSUIT version will work here)……etc., etc. NOTE: you will find that to use music most effectively within a full drama, movie, dance, story, etc. a main theme is chosen as the overall (emotional) backdrop or anchor to the piece; this piece can be used in it’s full length version once or twice throughout; it will also appear in short versions off and on during the play.
EXAMPLE 2: Storytelling. You can make up your own story in your head (using any selection at all as inspirational source).  Then, you can begin to tell the story, using words (and/or drawings, sculpture, movement-whatever you choose) and add the appropriate music as background, support and for extra effect…  For instance:  you arrive from far away (boat sound); you come upon a strange city (1:30 QUEST theme).... there are scary moments (30 seconds of PURSUIT), and finally you arrive at a castle (fanfare).  You enter it, open a window (wind and chimes) and a beautiful full moon travels over the sky (ROMANTIC Theme),…. etc.
There is no limit to imagination or to the ways the music can be applied. These are just two brief examples of countless possibilities. You can go experimental and just play the sound effects and machines and improvise with the different sounds.  Or you can play just 30 seconds of each theme to do a short experiment.  The idea is that you work with this CD, let it give you ideas, play with the music lengths and program the themes in the order you wish, without having to change CD’s in mid-stream or burn your own by borrowing from many sources.



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